Classroom requirements

All of our classrooms require a modern browser, relatively current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari. For Internet Explorer, we only support version 11.

For virtual classes, you will need to be able to conect to Zoom.us. You can test Zoom's requirements here.

Getting Started With Puppet

You will need to be able to connect to the following destination ports. You may need to ask your network administrator to add rules allowing access.

Puppet Fundamentals / Puppet Practitioner

For Fundamentals and Practitioner we've set up a test environment you can use to validate that your system meets the classroom requirements. Simply click below and follow the directions to ensure that you'll be able to fully participate in our classes.

This test environment will ensure that your browser meets minimum requirements and that your network configuration allows you to access all the services we run in the classroom. If the test fails to launch when you click the button, then please inform us of the issue by responding to the email you received or by directly emailing eduteam@puppet.com.

You will need to be able to connect to the following destination ports. You may need to ask your network administrator to add rules allowing access.

Some requirements are optional, or provide alternative connection means. These optional access rules include:


Are there specific requirements for private trainings?

Please review the specific course requirements above, as they apply to private trainings. In addition, the following are required:

  1. A disruption-free room to hold the number of students (18 max) for the duration of the class.
  2. Wi-Fi/internet connection to the same network available to trainer and students.
  3. Laptop or desktop computer for each student. Detailed requirements for the student computers are listed above.
  4. Projector & screen capable of connecting to the instructor’s computer.
  5. Whiteboard or large notepad for trainer to draw diagrams.

How can I get a proof of completion for a private training?

Please ensure that all of your trainees are registered via the registration page sent to you by your Puppet Professional Services Coordinator. This is required to track attendance and issue certificates of completion. Unregistered students will not be able to claim their certificate of completion for the course.

Where can I find tutorials on using the Git server?

For the Practitioner course, we run a self-hosted Git server called Gitea. While it does not have very extensive end-user documentation, the experience is very close to that of GitHub. We suggest that if you want to practice your Git skills before class that you sign up for a GitHub account and then try out this tutorial. The Getting Started with Puppet course uses GitLab. We strongly recommend students complete the GitLab tutorial before class begins.

Do I need to install a PDF reader?

Probably not. Most modern browsers have a PDF reader built-in or use a platform standard reader. If that is not the case for you, then readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader can be used free of charge.

How can I correct issues with the video conferencing (Zoom.us) system?

Check the Zoom.us network requirements. Their support portal might also have other suggestions.

How do I accept a self-signed certificate?

You can find official instructions in the Puppet Enterprise documentation.

What if I can't accept a self-signed certificate?

If you are taking Getting Started with Puppet, this does not apply to you. If you are taking Practitioner, please let us know in the feedback form at the end of the tests. We may be able to help you.